¿Who are we?

Co-Art Canarias was born with the spirit of responding to those novice artists who want to boost their artistic career or simply enter the practice of art in a collaborative way. Here you can rent spaces for your ideas and work alone or with other artists.

You can rent a space or a room for the realization of your projects on a one-off or continuous basis, holding workshops, exhibitions, ...

Once you are part of our community we give you the opportunity to advertise on our website, be part of our cast of artists, exchange knowledge and expose what you have created for free for those who are renting with us.

If you just want to make yourself known, we also hold exhibitions for reasonable prices and spaces that you can share with other artists and reduce costs.

We also carry out workshops throughout the year and if you want to do your own but don't have space to do it, we will provide it for you.

Check the space rental tab but also if you have something to propose, do not hesitate to contact us through info@coartcanarias.com or through our contact tab.